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Today is the age of the Internet. Now we can find anything or do anything via the Internet. If we want to buy, sell, study, and more things then we can do it with just a click or tap.

And Browser makes this task easy. There are many browsers in the world but among them, some are the most popular. For many reasons, we feel that need to take a screenshot on the browser.

In this article, we will show you How to take a screenshot on Browser and it will be in the world’s most 16 popular web browser.

So no more talk let’s check out the method of taking a screenshot on the browser:

Take Screenshots on Browser

There are lots of ways to take screenshots on a Browser. You can capture the entire screen, window, or select area to grab. Here are the methods:

Take a Screenshot on Google Chrome

screenshot on google chrome

Screenshot on Google Chrome

Sometimes it happens that you have to take a screenshot on your chrome browser. Here’s a method that you can try for this purpose:

Step-1: OpenGoogle Chrome and then press Ctrl + Shift + I if you’re using a PC or if you are on a Mac then you have to press Command + Option + I.

This will open a developer menu which is the Element Inspector, it will let you see the HTML the current web page is made with.

Step-2: And then press Ctrl + Shift+P if you’re on a PC, or Command + Shift + P on a Mac. Now you will be able to search through your list of developer tools.

Step-3: After you will type ”Screenshot” But don’t press Enter. Now you can see a set of four options that telling you the type of screenshots.

You have to just choose your needed one. Here the list of the four screenshot options does:

1. Capture area screenshot: You can imagine by the options name that it will let you capture a specific portion of the browser.

After a while, you can drag a box with the mouse anywhere within the Chrome window.

So select a part of the page that you want to capture and it will be saved.

But one thing that you have to remember is you cant use this tool to capture the Element Inspector itself. It never gets included in the screenshot.

2. Capture full-size screenshot: If you want to capture the full size of the web page, from top to bottom then this option is perfect for you. This option is a really convenient way.

3. Capture node screenshot: If you are a developer then this option is only for you. Because this is more of interest to developers.

It will let you capture an image of just a specific HTML element selected in the Element Inspector.

4. Capture screenshot: This option will just like a standard screenshot. It will save an image of the thing that’s currently visible on your screen.

Step-4: When you will choose your needed one your screenshot will be automatically saved and you can find it on Chrome’s download manager at the bottom of the window.

Take a Screenshot on Mozilla Firefox

screenshot on firefox

Screenshot on Firefox

The method of taking screenshots is really an awesome experience. To enjoy this experience on your computer do the below steps:

Step-1: Open the Firefox Browser on your computer.

Step-2: Go to the page that you like to take a screenshot of on your Firefox browser.

Step-3: Click on the three dots in the address bar (search bar where the URL appears). If you do that a menu will appear.

Step-4: In the menu select the Take a Screenshot option.

Step-5: Here you can see the screenshot option that means your screenshot type options located at the right corner. Here the options below that you can choose:

1. If you choose the Save Visible option then you can take a screenshot of a part of the webpage that appears on the screen now.

2. You can also click Save full page to take a screenshot of the entire page, including the parts that don’t appear on the screen right now.

3. Click and drag the mouse to take a screenshot of just one part of the page and remember one thing that you have to drag surround the part you want to capture.

4. Another fantastic option to capture a part of the page is to hover the mouse cursor over the specified region until a line appears around it, then click that region.

Step-6: After you select an option then click on the Download or you can also select the Copy button instead, right-click the desired location, and then click Paste.

If you use the Copy then you can use this image without saving it as a separate image file on your computer.

Sometimes it happens that we don’t need to take a screenshot but we have been open the screenshot option on Firefox.

If you also face this situation at any time then you can cancel your screenshot with the cancel button or with the x sign after you choose an option.

Take a Screenshot on Internet Explorer

There are lots of ways to take screenshots on Internet Explorer. Here we will show you the method of taking screenshots on Internet Explorer by the GreenShot in Windows. So let’s have a look at the steps of this method:

If you don’t have the GreenShot then download and install it on your computer. And one more thing this process is best for those websites that don’t have any floating components.

Step-1: Open Internet Explorer and go to the page that you want to take a screenshot of.

Step-2: Now press  Ctrl + Shift + PrintScreen to start the Internet Explorer webpage capture.

Before you press the shortcut key, you have to make sure that the Internet Explorer is the currently active window (it is in focus). Else the GreenShot will not be able to capture it.

Step-3: After you press the keys GreenShot will automatically scroll the webpage and it will take the screenshots of the webpage. Then it will attach them together to make a long image of the full webpage.

When the screenshot is complete you can see a menu from which you can choose various options to save the captured image.

Take a Screenshot on Microsoft Edge

screenshot on edge

Screenshot on Microsoft Edge

Usually, people are now using the Windows 10 OS on their computer so here we will show you the method of taking screenshots on Microsoft Edge. The steps are given below:

Step-1: Open Microsoft Edge and go to the website you like.

Step-2: From the top-right corner click the Settings and more (ellipsis) button.

Step-3: Now select the Web capture option. (you can also use the Ctrl + Shift + S keyboard shortcut).

Step-4: Then select the option called Free select or full page.

Step-5: Here if you select Free select you have to use the mouse to select the region of the web page you want to capture. (If you want to then drag the cursor down to scroll down the page to capture everything you need).

Take a Screenshot on Safari

Safari is a popular browser for Mac users. In the Safari browser, the method to take screenshots is quite different. Here are the steps of the method:

Step-1: Go to the page that you want to capture on your safari browser.

Step-2: If the entire page is not visible on your mac screen without scrolling, then put the browser window into full-screen mode by clicking the double arrow in the upper right corner.

Step-3: Now hold down the “Command” key and then press the “-” (minus) key to reduce the page size until you can see everything you want to capture without scrolling.

Step-4: Press the “Command-Shift-4” keys on the keyboard and then the cursor will be like a crosshair pointer. You have to drag the cursor from one corner of the web page to the opposite corner.

Step-5: After that, release the mouse button you can hear a camera shutter sound, and the highlighted area is saved to your desktop as a PNG image.

Take a Screenshot on Sogou Explorer

The Soguo Explorer was released in 2008. It’s a chromium-based free product that uses the WebKit and Trident engines by Chrome and Explorer respectively.

The method of taking a screenshot on Soguo Explorer is given below:

The Sogou Input Method installed screenshots of the function can automatically set shortcut keys.

Step-1: First, click on the settings located at the proper side of the input method bar.

Step-2: Turn on the Sogou Pinyin input method settings then click the button.

Step-3: Find rock bottom extension of the shortcut keys, the primary may be a screenshot.

Step-4: Here you’ll choose the shortcut keys to set.

Step-5: After the setup is complete, press the shortcut key to urge an immediate screenshot.

Take a Screenshot on Opera

screenshot on opera

Screenshot on Opera

The method of taking a screenshot on Opera is really an interesting thing and obviously needful. To take a screenshot Opera do the below:

Step-1: Open the Opera browser on your desktop. Make sure that you are running the latest version of the Opera.

Step-2: Then click on the Opera icon in the corner. (On a Mac click on Edit)

Step-3: Select Snapshot from the dropdown list.

Note: You can also press Ctrl+Shift+5 to open the snapshot tool instantly.

Step-4: Now a snapshot box will pop up for you to capture your screen.

Step-5: You can click on the Capture full-screen button for a full-screen screenshot or you can also select your window by cropping.

Step-6: And then click on the Capture button.

Step-7: A popup window will come now you have to click on the “Save Image” to save your screenshot.

Take a Screenshot on Yandex

Yandex is a really fantastic browser. The Yandex has some keyboard shortcuts to take a screenshot on it. the shortcuts are given below:

1. If you want to take a screenshot of a screen area, then press Ctrl + Shift + 1 and select the area.

2. If you want to take a screenshot of a screen area and share it right away, then press Ctrl + Shift + 2 and select the area.

3. If you want to take a screenshot of the entire screen, then press Ctrl + Shift + 3 or Print Screen.

4.If you want to take a screenshot of a window, then press Ctrl + Shift + 4 or Alt + Print Screen and select the window.

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