Chromebook is now becoming popular among technology users. If you are also using the Chromebook then it’s essential to know about its features to do anything.

Sometimes it happens that we have to capture the screen for many purposes. Like study, communication, fun, or passion to get some interesting things or pictures since you are watching something.

If you see something on your screen then you can capture it with a screenshot. In this article, we will show you how to take screenshots on Chromebook.

Hope this will help you on taking a screenshot on Chromebook if you are a new user of Chromebook or want to know more about screenshot on Chromebook.

Take Screenshots on Chromebook

There are lots of ways to take screenshots on a Chromebook computer. You can capture the entire screen, window, or select area to grab.

Some Keyboard Shortcut to take Screenshot on Chromebook

Like others, Chromebook has also some keyboard shortcuts to make your way to take screenshots easier. You can try this method to take a screenshot on Chromebook.

Here’s the list of keyboard shortcut:

1. Hit Ctrl+Window Switch Key to take a full-screenshot. After you hit that You will see the notification on the lower right of the screen. (The Window switch Key is located at the top of the keyboard and has an image of a box with lines next to it.)

2. Press the Ctrl+Shift+Window Switch key to take a screenshot of a specific portion of your screen.

After you press that pointer will become crosshairs, which you can use to select what you’d like to capture. So use the crosshairs that appear to highlight the portion of your screen that you wish to take the screenshot of.

If you are owning a standard keyboard and don’t have a Chromebook keyboard then you will not be able to see a Window Switcher button. For that here’s the shortcut key to take a screenshot on Chromebook:

Press Ctrl+F5 to take a screenshot of the whole screen. And Ctrl+Shift+F5 to take a screenshot of a specific portion.

After you press Ctrl+Shift+F5your pointer will become crosshairs, which you can use to select what you’d like to capture. So use the crosshairs that appear to highlight the portion of your screen that you wish to take the screenshot of.

Take a screenshot on Chromebook with Chrome Extensions

If you want to not just take screenshots but want to Edit them And Share them with your friends then chrome extensions are best for you.

Usually, These screenshot tools are used on Mac and Windows as well with a Chrome browser, but they are vital on Chromebook since the platform has relatively weak native screenshot capabilities for its users.

You can find both free and paid tools for Chromebooks. Here we will show you two of free and paid so that you can get clarity about this.

Nimbus or Fireshot

For the people who want to use free chrome extensions, we recommend Nimbus or Fireshot. We think these two are best for you.

At first, let us know about Nimbus. Nimbus Chrome extension allows you to take screenshots of full-screen, partial-screen, browser window, and rolling-page screenshots.

After you capture the screen you can annotate it with text, arrows, stickers, a highlighter, blurring, or cropping. You can find your taken screenshot by its format, they will be saved as JPG or PNG format, or as a PDF.

In addition to your local drive, they can be saved to the Nimbus Note, uploaded to Google Drive and the Google Classroom, or shared with Slack.

It has also included a screen recorder that you can use to take videos of your screen and with your webcam.

Now come on Fireshot, it lets you take both full- and partial-screenshots of your webpage. With it, you will be able to save the screenshot as either PNG, JPEG, or PDF files.

The PDF files are also able to copy over any links from the webpage. But one thing that you have to note in Fireshot that it doesn’t include any annotation tools in its free product.

But if you want then your screenshots can be sent to Gmail, copied to your clipboard, or printed.

Overall we have to say that FireShot doesn’t provide as many options as Nimbus, but it is useful to take screenshots on Chrome web pages with links.


If you want a tool that has more features, such as high-level integrations, secure storage, and cloud sharing, and ready to pay for it then Droplr is the best tool for you.

This app includes a screenshot Google Chrome extension. Like other tools it lets you capture your full screen, a selected area, an application window, or an entire page.

But it has a plus point for you which is Droplr generates a short link of your screenshot that can be used to access it online. If you want to share your screenshot, all you have to do is paste this link.

In several platforms such as Slack, Gmail, and Microsoft Teams, let users preview Droplr screenshots in-platform so they can be viewed without leaving the app.

Your screenshots will be saved in the Droplr cloud unless you delete them.

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Guys this is the complete guide on How to Take a Screenshot on Chromebook. You can use one of the methods for taking a screenshot that we have told you above.

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