Tacking Screenshots is now the most important thing for technology users. We have to do it in every sphere of our life. Different Devices has a different method to take a screenshot.

If you are a Mac user then it is essential to know how to take a screenshot on Mac for an easy tech-life. In this article, we will show you How to Take a Screenshot on Mac.

Screenshot means to capture your screen that you would like to have in the picture version. Sometimes it happens that you are seeing an interesting or beautiful thing online and you want to share them or that with your friends.

Take a screenshot on Mac:

There are lots of ways to take screenshots on a Mac computer. You can capture the entire screen, window, or select area to grab.

Take a screenshot on Mac using the screenshot tool

If you want to use a tool to take a screenshot on Mac then it is also available to you. You can open a tool for that by simply download and lunch it.

When you want to take a screenshot of your Mac screen just click on the ”tool icon” and a menu will appear.

With it, you can select what type of screenshot do you want. it can be a portion, a window, or the whole screen.

You can set a timer for taking a screenshot on mac and then click on ”Take a Screenshot”.

Now you can feel that your chosen type of Screenshot has been taken.

Grab the entire screen on Mac

Sometimes we have to take a Screenshot of the entire screen. So we should know how to take a screenshot of the entire screen on Mac as a regular Mac user. Here are the following steps to grab the entire screen:

There are no steps in taking a screenshot of the entire in mac the all thing that you have to do is press three keys.

Just press ”Shift+command+3” and your entire screen will be saved as a .png file on your Desktop. That’s it!

Take a partial screenshot on Mac

A partial screenshot means a specific part of your screen that you want to take a screenshot of.

Sometimes we like a thing we visit online and we want to take a screenshot of it.

In this case, if we don’t know how to take a partial screenshot on then we will capture the whole screen.

And trust us it is not a good practice because it will lose the beauty of your thing. So here we need to take a partial screenshot on mac.

For that, you can simply use a tool as we told you above or use the shortcut keys.

Just press ”Shift+command+4”. After you do that your screen will lose some of its brightness and your pointer will be changed to cross-hair.

Now click (if you use a touchpad then double click with one finger) and drag the area that you want to take as a screenshot and then leave the mouse button (or your finger).

You can change the shape, size, and position of the selection area before capturing an image by holding down Shift, Option, or Space Bar.

And that’s it! your screenshot is done.

Capture a Window on Mac

Now we will grab a window on mac. With this method, you will be able to grab your necessary window or menu without capturing the whole screen.

You can do it by a partial screenshot but this method will bring you the perfect screenshot that you want. So let’s start with the short-curt key.

Press “Shift+Command+5”¬† and after that your pointer will change into a camera. move the pointer which is now like a camera over the window to highlight it.

Then click to save the image. your image will be saved as a .png file on your desktop.

You can also be able to switch back and forth between capturing a custom selection and grabbing a specific menu by simply just hitting the space bar.

Take a screenshot on a Mac with touch bar

If you have a Mac with a touch bar then you can also try this method to take a screenshot on Mac. Here you have to just press the shortcut keys.

And one thing that we all have to say is this is the easiest method to take a screenshot on Mac.

Press Shift+Command+6 and the captured screen will be saved. It will be a .png file on your computer.

Take a screenshot on a Mac from Terminal

Mac offers an inbuilt terminal to improve the user’s workflow. This terminal has its ability to take a screenshot by simply using a single line of command in your terminal.

Take a screenshot on a Mac using the “screencapture” utility:

$ screencapture test.jpg

If you would like to open the screencapture in preview immediately after being taken, then you have to type the below thing that we have shown you:

$ screencapture -P test.jpg

If you want then you can also take screenshots on mac from the terminal silently and without the sound playing with -x:

$ screencapture -x silentscreenshot.jpg

If you would like to have a timer for delay added to when you are taking the screenshot on Mac with the terminal then you can do it by the below -T followed by the number of seconds:

$ screencapture -T 3 delayedpic.jpg

If you want to specify a file with the terminal then this is quite easy with the -t flag:

$ screencapture -t pdf pdfshot.pdf

Using afford mentioned commands, you can efficiently grab your entire screen while working on the terminal.

Where are the screenshots saved?

The screenshots taken on Mac computer with the built-in tools are always saved as image files. By default, the files are stored in the Desktop.

If you do not want to store your screenshot files in the Desktop folder you can change it. To change the screenshot file’s location follow the next step.

Change screenshot files location

Usually, when you take screenshots on Mac they are saved on your desktop. There’s a plus point for you which is you can change it.

If you are using a tool then Launce it and if you want then do other than Click on the screenshot and go-to options.

Now under the menu section Save to, You can select a new location, like Documents, Clipboard, Mail, Messages, or Preview, or if you want then Click another location to choose a specific folder.

Change screenshot files format

When you take a screenshot on your Mac PC it will be saved in .png format. Since PNG files are larger than another format you can change them by other lighter formats like .jpg or other.

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Guys this is the complete guide on How to Take a Screenshot on Mac. You can use one of the methods for taking a screenshot that we have told you above.

Hope this article was helpful to you. If it does then our attempt will be successful.

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