Windows is now the most popular OS in the world. People use it for its look and they can easily use it for many purposes.

While we are working with Windows many times we have to take Screenshots on it. But if we don’t know how to take screenshots on Windows then we have to suffer a lot.

So as regular Windows users we all should know how to take screenshots on Windows.

In this article, we will show you How to Take Screenshot on Windows. It can be a portion of the screen, a window or menu of the screen, or the whole screen.

Take Screenshots on Windows

There are lots of ways to take screenshots on a Windows computer. You can capture the entire screen, window, or select area to grab.

Take a screenshot on Windows using Snip & Sketch

In this method, we will first check the steps of the shortcut key on How to Take Screenshot on Windows.

For this, you have to hit the shift-Windows Key-S keyboard combo. It will able you to have a choice of shooting the full screen, a rectangular selection, a freehand selection, or an individual program window.

You can also use the way to invoke Snip & Sketch is via the Action Center’s Screen snip button.

After you use the keyboard shortcut, you will be able to see a small thumbnail panel notification at the lower right that says Snip Saved to Clipboard and which will be momentary.

You just tap this to open the Snip & Sketch window.

In this, you will be able to mark up the image with a pen, pencil, highlighter, eraser, ruler, and cropping tool.

Then you can save the image to a folder that you would like to. It also lets you allow to send the image to Instagram, Messenger, Mail, or any other app that accepts the file type.

Take a screenshot on Windows using PrtSc

Windows 8 was introduced this method but it still works with Windows 10. This method is the most simple than any other method for taking screenshots on Windows.

If you are a user of a tablet like the Surface Pro you can invoke this functionality by pressing the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time.

You can also try the Windows Key-Print Screen key combo that will momentarily dark the screen to show you it worked and instantly save a PNG image file to your Pictures > Screenshots folder.

If you want to save the active window then press Alt-Windows Key-Print Screen but we find an interesting thing this uses the Windows Game Bar (you can know about this in the below section) functionality.

It saves your screenshot to your Videos/Captures folder.

Take Screenshot on Windows using Game Bar

When you press Windows Key-G opens the Game bar, Which includes an icon that looks like a camera in its Broadcast & capture section.

You just tap that and your screenshot is saved to the Videos/Captures folder under your main user folder.

Take a screenshot on Windows using Snipping Tool

Though the Snipping Tool is been superseded by Snip & Sketch it remains in windows 10. If you are in Windows 7, you won’t have the option to use Snip & Sketch.

So snipping is for you as a windows 7 user. To use this you will need to actually run the utility.

If you type “snapping” in the search box of windows located at the lower left and tap then Snipping Tool gets you started.

Like Snip & Sketch, Snipping Tool lets you capture different types of screenshots like free-form, rectangular selections, or the full window or full screen.

You can also set a timer as well from one to five seconds. Snipping Tool also lets you mark up your image with a pen or highlighter. Snip & Sketch (as we noted above) does all that like adds cropping, a ruler, and a pencil.

Take a screenshot on Windows using Surface Pen

If you have a digital-inking-capable touch-screen PC like a Surface Pro on your hand, then you can take a screenshot of your full screen simply by double-clicking on the back button on a Surface Pen.

This process opens Snip and Sketch with the screenshot of the full screen which is ready for annotating, editing, and sharing.

Change screenshot files format

When you take a screenshot on your Windows PC it will be saved in PNG format by default. PNG is a lossless image format that’s mean you do not lose your image quality during editing.

It is impossible to change your default screenshots to JPG or another format. But, you can convert your screenshot files into jpeg format using the paint tool.

There is another method to convert your screenshot files into JPEG format. Which is using the Snipping tool. When you take a screenshot using the snipping tool you can save it in JPEG format.

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Guys this is the complete guide on How to Take a Screenshot on Windows. You can use one of the methods for taking a screenshot that we have told you above.

Hope this article was helpful to you. If it does then our attempt will be successful.

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